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This Website is dedicated to the Art of FROG Fishing for Big Bass Banner.jpg (31858 bytes)

Based on the Designs and Techniques of  Capt Ken Daubert from

Introducing The Cloned Series of our favorite Designer Bass FROGs™           

    Based on the handmade Original Series Designer Bass FROGs™      

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Featured above on the left is FROG #1with Kicking Legs, and featured on the right is the the Skitter Leg/Stinger Hook Accessory Kit that turns the FROG into a surface "buzz bait", "searchbait", "wakebait" and even a diving "crankbait".

Together, they become ---

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The World's First Complete FROG Fishing System™

Featured Below is the World's First "Cross Planar" Elastic Weedguard Weedless  Replacement Hook

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These hooks also come with 30 extra elastic weedguards.

They are not only the best hook for the World's Best Bass FROGs™

But they are also fantastic for Wacky Worms and Jerk Baits.

The FROGs below are various shades of Southern Leopards in the handmade  Replicant Series

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There are three ways to "Be" the FROG

Clones, Replicants, and Originals,     

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FROGs featured above are my Original Series Designer Bass FROGs

(See more Big FROG Bass Photos or Videos)


If you are going to be a Bass FROG, this is the way you want to




Or, maybe ------------ more like this !

Starring "Ole Swamp Fart" & his new friend "Lillyfudder".


Don't miss Ole SwampFart & Lillyfudder Episode #2 : The Rules !





Bass FROG Fishing BLOG

Welcome to  !!!



7/ 23 / 2011

FROG fishing is hot everywhere now. But nowhere is it hottter than in Wisconsin, especially if you are out fishing with our Wisconsin FROGman Nick Olson of . Nick received some of the first Skitter Leg/ Stinger Hook Accessory Kits that became available, and he put them to the test immediately. Check out the Big Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass and also the Big Pike that he and his clients have caught already on the The Designer Bass FROG : Clone Series FROGs with the Skitter Legs & Stinger Hooks attached.

  Nick #1 Bass 7 5 11.jpg (15413 bytes)                          Nick #2 Bass 7 5 2011.jpg (33174 bytes)

The day Nick caught these two beauties on Clone Series Designer Bass FROGs with Skitter Legs and Stinger Hooks, he and his clients also caught 30 Bass

His two clients below are also clearly please with the Clone Series of Designer Bass FROGs and with the Skitter Legs / Stinger Hook Accessory Kits.

Big Smallmouth on FROG.jpg (24389 bytes) Little Kid-Big Pike.jpg (32444 bytes)

You can contact Nick for Designer Bass FROG Clones Series FROGs or Guide Services in Wisconsin at




FROG Fishing has been hot in Florida. The weather has been even hotter though, and I have not been able to fish much as we get ready to go to ICAST 2011. But all of the FROGmen in the USA have been keeping the Bass covered from Florida to Arkansas, to Texas, to Wisconsin, to Michigan,to Maryland, to North Carolina and even to Italy ---- yes Italy ! Many big bass are getting caught, especially with the Clone Series as we come to a complete and successful launch with the introduction of the Skitter Legs / Stinger Hook Accessory Kit which is having a huge success out there on the water with everyone.

James Big Bass 6 in.jpg (26248 bytes)      James 7.5 6 in..jpg (18429 bytes)

James Kiser nailed these two monsters in Texas on Clone Series FROG #2 with Kicking Legs. James is a tournament Pro and the latest member of our FROGmen Fishing Team. Read the details on these interesting catches & the strategy behind their capture soon in the new

FROG Fishing Reports Page


Dan Golf Course Bass.jpg (38732 bytes)   Dan River Bass.jpg (33194 bytes)

FROGman "Casting Dan" Mullane in North Carolina nailed the monster bass on the left in a back cove of a golf course pond with the Black & Yellow FROG #5 Clone Series Designer Bass FROG™ with yellow Skitter Legs.

After fishing all morning with plugs, flukes & senkos with no results, the big bass on the right nailed FROG #3 Green Bull FROG with a yellow belly after it landed very gently on a lily pad and slipped off quietly into the water.


Hunter's Bass 5 in.jpg (25309 bytes)                           Bob Johnson.jpg (21546 bytes)

Arkansas FROGman Hunter Hogue only had his Clone Series FROGs for about a week when he nailed this 9 lb.'er on the left.

The Maryland monster 7 lb. 2 oz. bass on the right was caught by Bob Johnson, and it was the 15th bass he caught on his Original Series


Many more photos have been sent in, and I will get them up when I get chance to post again,but I must get back to work because FROGmen need FROGs --- now !!!





5 /11 / 2011

FROG fishing has been great this season even though we had mostly high pressure sunny days.Below you will see a few fish from the last couple of weeks. You will notice that most of them were caught at night or just before dark or just before a rare thunderstorm hit, lowering the light levels after a hot sunny day in Florida.The bass on the upper left photo we got on video.He hit on the standard kicking legs. The other three were all caught on the new Skitter Leg/Stinger Hook Accessory Kits which are on their way from the factory as I write this. They should be available in about 20 days I'm told.

Previous week bass.jpg (29946 bytes)Evening Smash Bass.jpg (14772 bytes)




Rainy Evening Bass.jpg (31381 bytes)                                     5 2 2011 Big One 6 in.jpg (32362 bytes)

The last fish on the lower right hit Design Style #2 - Action #1 Skitter Legs.Although he was hooked with the big front hook I also had on a Stinger Hook rigged with a "Tadpole Tail" weedguard which you can see in white hanging below the Skitter Legs.

You can learn more about this Stinger Hook weedguard if you scroll down to "Texas Rigged Stinger Hook on this webpage:


The Skitter Legs Kit now turn the FROG Lure into a "FROG Fishing System" with a variety of Design Styles & Actions of Legs that will yield 8 different action behaviors, depending on whether you position them "up" or "down" on the FROG body.

You get an additional distinctly different swimming behaviour when using the "Tadpole Tale" that eliminates the need for a "Leg Spreader" or "Stabilizer Tubing" as featured on the webpage instructional that you can find here:

In addition, I am finishing up a 90 minute DVD that explains all about the FROGs in general and much about the whole system, including 35 minutes of demonstration on the Skitter Legs/ Stinger Hook Accessory Kit.



3 / 21 / 2011

The nasty cold winter is gone in Florida. Bass are spawning. Unfortunately, there is a lot of blue skies that make it tougher on the topwater bite. But all it takes is one little cloud in front of the sun to inspire a bass to strike a FROG, and then there is always evening if it doesn't drop off too cool. Florida FROGman Larry Timmerman got the beauty below on the left on a bluebird sky with the soft action Skitter Legs last week out on the St John's River. He got the Monster on the right a couple months back also on Skitter Legs---and also on a   cold front right in the evening as the sun went down on a very slow fishing day. The fish on the left hit the new prototypes -- soft & subtle (Style #1 - Action #1 )Skitter Legs on a Clone Series FROG. The bass on the right hit a handmade Replicant with handmade prototype Skitter Legs in a soft action style also. Larry is also a FROGman Distributor /Dealer for the Clone Series. He is----- "The Skitterman". Keep track of his Florida FROG Fishing Reports on the FROGmen Page.

Larry 3 15 2011 7.25H.jpg (25323 bytes)Larry FROG Bass #1-5in..jpg (21138 bytes)

You can contact Larry for Clone Series FROGs or if you want to order FROGs for your Tackle Shop

                                 Florida FROGman Distributor - Larry "Skitterman" Timmerman

                                                                              Or call352-629-8087



Sorry for the lack of updates in the last few months, but we have been really busy preparing the new products. The Clone Series of Designer Bass FROGs have been available since September. Now we also have the 3-Packs of FROG-Hooks available which includes 30 extra weedguards. By April 1st 2011, we should have the new Skitter Legs / Stinger Hook Kit available. This Kit will greatly expand the use of your FROGs as fishing tools. The Skitter Legs turn your FROG into a "search bait" and allow you to check large areas of water for any aggressive or vulnerable bass. You can change from Kicking Legs to Skitter Legs and Back again in seconds. Of course you can also change a whole FROG in seconds also. Now, you can even add a Stinger Hook in seconds. Of course, the most serious FROG fishermen will have multiple FROG rods ready. Some will have straight braided line and some will have heavy monofilament or even flourocarbon leaders that sink quickly and allow your FROGs to dive more easily. Check the FROG Leg Page to learn more about the many details of the new Skitter Leg Kit that will add 8 new behaviors to your FROGs and make your FROGs much more deadly above and "below" the water surface. One set of the Legs turn your FROG into a shallow diving "crank bait" with a deadly Stinger Hook.




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