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The Bass-FROG Chronicles


The Bass-FROG Chronicles is a collection of videos that are categorized in such  a manner as to demonstrate some experiences with the sport of FROG Fishing, and hopefully to teach something useful to other FROG fishermen, especially newcomers. If you haven't done it or experienced it before, sometimes seeing it on video can help to prepare you or teach you something that will help you to respond to sudden situations that present themselves out there unexpectedly.  Hopefully, these videos will give you an extra bit of inspiration, enjoyment, knowledge, experience, insight, confidence or enthusiasm to go out and successfully do it on your own.


Categories: Finesse FROG fishing, Stealth, Stealth in the lily pads, retrieving on windy surfaces with kicking legs, retrieving windy surfaces with Skitter Legs™, difficult hooksets, savage strikes, heavy cover, spawning season, post spawn fish, summer heat, summer rain, --------


  • Finesse FROG fishing

  • Stealth

  • Stealth on calm surfaces

  • Stealth in the lily pads

  • Retrieving on windy surfaces with kicking legs

  • Retrieving windy surfaces with Skitter Legs™

  • Difficult hooksets

  • Savage strikes

  • Heavy cover spawning season

  • Post spawn fish

  • Summer heat

  • summer rain, --------





Check out this Monster Bass that inhales CaptKen's Golden Southern Leopard FROG lure




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Check out this Bass smashing one of my topwater FROG Lures and ripping my rod down to the gunnels of the kayak in a close quarters brawl to the finish. Guess who won this time?

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Watch this huge Bass stalking and toying with a Clone Series Light Green Pickerel FROG before hitting it three times, inhaling it, getting hooked, then exploding on the surface before straightening the hook and getting away.



A group of bass turn on in the lily pads of a small pond and savagely attack the Capt Ken Daubert's Designer Bass FROG.


Kayak Bass Fishing with a FROG Lure


This video is  a selected clip from our video on DVD

"Kayak Fishing for BASS"

This is a portion of the introductory Welcome



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