Introducing The  "NEW" --- TUFF ! ---Clone Series of our
Designer Bass FROGs
There have been some needed and great improvements in the Capt Ken's Designer Bass FROG™: Clone Series FROGs. A couple years ago, sales to retail Dealers was discontinued through various retailers on the Internet, retail stores throughout the USA, and retailers worldwide. It was a very difficult decision to make because all of the Dealers, especially in the USA, had done a fantastic job of promoting and selling them. However, there were some very important changes to the product that could greatly improve them, requiring more time and expense to produce the improved product. As a result, a Direct Retail Sales model was required to make the changes that the product and the customers deserved. So now, if you have ever used the Designer Bass FROG™ Clone Series FROGs before, you will be amazed at their new improvements. They now have a new tough, glossy, Amphibia Skin™  that greatly improves their appearance, durability, and "feel" to the Bass. There are also additional accessories in the package, including many more of "all three styles" of my favorite weedguards and a new Elastic Weedguard Attachment Tool™  that makes it incredibly easy for "anyone" to put the weedguard on the Hook. In addition, they now have a removable Screw-On Elastic Weedguard Holder™ that you can "screw off" of a light weight hook and screw onto a larger or heavier weight hook that will help you adjust to the tackle you are using or the cover you are fishing.
The Capt Ken's Clone Series FROGs are available to ship within one day any time. Often they can be shipped the same day they are ordered. You can also order Skitter Leg/Stinger Hook Kits, 3-Packs of FROG Hooks, or 100 Packs of Latex Weedguards. They are always available. You do not have to wait on the Waiting List or the Work Schedule like you do for Original Series or Replicant Series Designer Bass FROGs™. You can pay instantly with your with your credit card or bankcard through PayPal and they can be quickly on their way to you. Just send me an email saying what you want, and I'll send you a PayPal Money Request Email. Your payment will be instant, even if you are not a member, and you will get your FROGs in a few days.
Florida Residents
If you are a Florida resident, payment of Florida State Sales Taxes & any local county sur taxes apply, I will need your local zip code to calculate your taxes for the Invoice, before payment & shipping. Order by email for best results or a phone call with a voice message if I am not available at the time.
Order a quick Clone Series FROG #1 through PayPal right here ---
 right now !

International Orders
International Orders must be made by phone or email in order to calculate shipping options to your home country.
Go to the Contact Page for contact information.
 Capt Ken's Clone Series Designer Bass FROGs™
are based on
Capt Ken's Original Series Designer Bass FROGs™
All of the parts and accessories on all Series of Designer Bass FROGs™ are now interchangeable between all of the various Series of FROGs. The Designer Bass FROGs™
have now become the ---
"World's First and Most Complete FROG Fishing System".
All of the FROGs made personally by Capt Ken are as tough and durable as they are beautiful. Even toothy critters have little effect on them. One of my old friends has been fishing the same FROG for 15 years. There are currently 4 "Series" of FROGs available for sale.

Designer Bass FROG Prices:
Signature Series FROGs - -----------------------------------------------$65.00
Original Series FROGs -------------------------------------------------- $50.00
Replicant Series FROGs -------------------------------------------------$40.00
Clone Series FROGs -----------------------------------------------------$14.99
Now we have a FROG for everybody at a price that everyone can afford.
Accessories & Upgrades
 Skitter Leg / Stinger Hook Accessory Kits -------------------- $5.99
3-Packs of FROG Hooks + 30 Silicone Weedguards (for use with spinning rods with 20 lb braid or less) ------ $5.00
3-Packs of Heavyweight FROG Hooks + 30 weedguards (for use with 55 lb braid & heavy tackle) ---------------$7.00
 100 Bag Heavyweight Latex Weedguards --------------------$5.00
 100 Bag Lightweight Latex Weedguards ----------------------$5.00
Standard High Detailed Original Series Legs ---------------- $10.00
 DNA Hot Legs "upgrade" ------------------------------------------$15.00
*** DNA Hot Legs have translucent webbing & 3-D molded toes
     DNA Hot Legs can be seen in the YouTube Video ----
"Finesse FROG Fishing on a Calm Surface"
***Above pricing includes a 10% Federal Excise Tax on all fishing lures & accessories.
***Above pricing does not include Shipping, Sales Taxes for Florida residents, or local Sur Taxes for Florida counties.

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