of Capt Ken Daubert's Designer Bass FROGs

Original Series Hybrid Leopard FROG with DNA Hot Legs™

It is designed with the ability to change the hook very quickly to replace a worn, dull or old hook or to change to a heavier custom hook made by Capt Ken. It can even be used with a different hook of your choice with a differing design or by another manufacturer. However, after 35 years of searching and testing, I believe that we have found the best hooks that work for the most people in most situations. You can learn more about the FROG Hook on the FROG Hook Page.
The Legs are also designed to be changed very quickly to repair a broken leg, but the legs have become so durable that it is rare to change legs now for that reason. However, there are now legs available to change colors, markings, actions and styles.
The Legs can also be changed from the Kicking Legs above to the Skitter Leg Style below that allow you to cover much more water faster by "buzzing" your FROG over the vegetation and pocket water. But you can stop your FROG at any time or switch to a stop and go teasing retrieve in any area you think might be holding a bass.
You can change the leg if it is damaged or simply change colors, action or style; such as, the Skitter Legs for buzzing your FROG across the surface to cover larger areas of cover, stopping or slowing your FROG in certain areas of interest where you think  a change in speed or presentation might help to draw a strike.

The Stinger Hook quickly attaches to the rear center pin eye, and it is very weedless even without the "Texas Rigging" as in the photo above. If a bass tries to short strike just the gurgling legs trailing behind, it will get caught anyway. You can even choose to fish the rear Stinger Hook only and remove the big front hook and tie your line to the front eye, but I would rather hook up on the bigger front hook.

There are four different styles and actions of Skitter Legs, but there are 8 different actions available, depending on whether you position them upright or downward on the FROG body. The stiffer models produce greater surface commotion. The Style #2 - Action #2 leg when positioned downward will cause the FROG to become an immediate shallow diver or wakebait, running just below the surface in open water areas between the surface vegetation. 
All of the parts and accessories on all Series of Designer Bass FROGs™ are now interchangeable between all of the various Series of FROGs. The Designer Bass FROGs™ have now become the ---
"World's First and Most Complete FROG Fishing System".
"The FROG Fishing Revolution"
It has changed greatly over the years, and it continues to evolve.
Quick-Change Hook System allows a change to any hook you would like to use.
Kicking action legs in various actions, styles, colors, and markings.
Also Quick-Change to "Skitter" Legs for "buzzing" over the surface to cover more water.
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