Original Series FROGs are unique works of art. Even if I tried, no two are exactly the same. They are unlimited in potential variety. Literally, anything can be made. It can be a real species and include natural geographical or individual variation of a species or artistic license for effect, including such diverse and seldom seen species as Jungle Tree FROGs, Poison Dart FROGs, Burrowing, Cave Dwelling and Nocturnal FROGs. But the real variety comes from the imagination --- yours and mine--- or a combination.
The above diverse group of 90 various FROGs are both Signature Series(registered) / Original Series FROGs headed to Japan where a large dealer will sell them to retail buyers in the Osaka area. The plastic containers around them are "Leg Trainers" which keep the Legs in proper position until time for fishing. They also help to protect them while shipping.
I usually recommend that FROGmen have 3 types of FROGs in their arsenal: "Natural Spotted FROGs", "Subtle FROGs" like Bull FROGs, and "Attractor Patterns" that have bright and gaudy patterns and colors - for times when you just have that feeling that a really big one needs just a little  more excuse to take a whack at something. Attractor patterns can sometimes make an older, wiser  & normally cautious bass make a sudden impulsive mistake.
Natural Spotted FROGs
The New Original Series Hybrid Southern Leoopard FROG
in Light Green with DNA Hot Legs
This FROG now belongs to Stephen Russell. He is a skilled trophy bass fisherman who makes his own videos and has his own Broadcast Channel on YouTube. Steve went out with this FROG and a Pine Barrens Tree FROG (see below under "Attractor Patterns") and immediately nailed a bunch of monster bass on his first couple of trips with these FROGs. You can watch the video at this address:
Southern Leopards are also available in Medium or Dark Green and also Light Golden Brown or Medium to Dark Brown.
Light Green (on left) and Light Golden (on right) Southern Leopard FROGs
You can have any color you want on the belly, including a mottled effect as in the photos above.
Bronze Spotted Leopard FROG (on left) and Dark Green Pickerel FROG (on right). Pickerel FROGs are also available in medium and light Green. They are also available in various shades of brown from dark to light golden.
The spots on a Leopard FROG or Pickerel FROG are not always black, and the trim markings are not always yellow. In fact, you can always put together any color combination you want.

Subtle FROGs
Also available in Medium or Light Green and Dark Brown
   Original Series: Baby Bull FROG
California Red Leg FROGs are very popular with bass fishermen on the California "Delta" waters. Most look much like the common Bull FROG, except that they sometimes have some red to varying degrees on their legs & belly, but there is also a "Red Phase" of this FROG that appears as all bright red with black spots. There is a Replicant Series version of this red color phase that makes a great "Attractor Pattern". (See Replicant Series FROGs webpage)

Attractor Pattern FROGs - Real Species
"Attractor Pattern FROGs are bright and colorful, and they are designed to attract attention for those times when you just think that a Big Bass is looking for an excuse to to really "whack" something, but he just needs a little bit more stimulus to push him over the edge to trigger a response. Attractor Patterns can be real species such as Jungle Tree FROGs, Poison Dart FROGs or even secretive and little known endangered species, such as the Pine Barrens Tree FROG below or a totally imaginary species from your imagination or mine !
All of the FROGs above on my hand here went out to customers and became over achievers and heroes to their owners. Several went to Cleve Worthington and his two boys Jed & Zack. They fished the Vermont lakes and ponds and were killers of outsized smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and pike. They have chronicled many of their adventures on this website. One went to Keary Mattison on Lake Champlain and it caught  two of his biggest bass ever--- and he catches a lot of them. Another went to Perry Barber in North Carolina and it caught him a 9 lb bass almost as soon as it got there. The last one went to Chris Burke in Maryland and it became his favorite, the hottest FROG lure he had, and a particularly deadly FROG in the evening.
The two Pine Barrens Tree FROGs above are two much older designs of my favorite species of FROG. They are an endangered species located primarily in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and particularly Wharton State Forest. But there are many isolated and scattered populations down the east coast and down to the Florida Panhandle region. They look more like something from a tropical jungle or from a wild imagination, and as a result, they make an excellent "Attractor Pattern", but they are a real species.
The FROG above is a newer version of the Pine Barrens Tree FROG with the new DNA Hot Legs installed, and it has the newer center pins that allow a "Stinger Hook" to be attached to the rear end. This particular FROG also belongs to Stephen Russell, and stars in his You Tube video on the FROGs. You can watch him catch a monster bass with it at this YouTube web address:
The FROG above is also a real species, and it really is a jungle tree FROG from central America. With such a wild looking pattern, it also makes a great "Attractor Pattern". This is a Splendid Leaf FROG with DNA Hot Legs.
This extravagant looking pattern above is a European Lime Reed FROG. They look especially cool with the translucent purple webbing on the DNA Hot Legs. This is another real species and a great Attractor Pattern.
The FROGs above and below this text are both real species of Poison Dart FROGs. Poison Dart FROGs are some of the wildest looking and and most brightly colored frogs on the planet. The DNA Hot Legs really make these FROGs look even wilder.
The FROG below is also another real species and also a Poison Dart FROG. It looks like something out of a wild imagination, but is actually a Red Backed Poison Dart FROG. This is FROGman Mike Burke in Maryland's favorite evening FROG. It's really hot looking with the translucent webbing on the DNA Legs.
The next FROG below is a cross over species that I had originally "imagined" and categorized as an imaginary species. The Original I made did not have all of the pronounced round brown spots, and I called it "BoBo" the Banana Tree FROG. Later, I discovered that there really was a Banana Tree FROG, and it looked very much like the Original one I had first made. Eventually, I started adding round spots even on the set of DNA Hot Legs. It looks much more "attractive" that way.
Attractor Pattern FROGs - Imaginary Species

Sometimes when I design a custom FROG for someone, it becomes popular with other FROG fishermen also. The Foley FROG below was designed for Joe Foley in New Jersey.
He wanted a FROG that he could see easily in the evening in heavy cover. He also wanted a FROG that the bass could see easily on the surface in fading light. So, the FROG has a black belly to silhouette against a brighter water surface and a white topside view that also glows in the dark. Even in the evening light it will begin to appear much brighter. Many customers have now ordered them. In fact, I have made many Signature Series models of this  FROG design that have been shipped to Japan.
Sometimes a customer has something very specific that they want to include in the design pattern. Such was the case with Erik Giles a highly trained Systems Analyst. He had determined a pattern preference in the waters he fished for a certain repeating pattern of almost triangular-like markings of chartreuse, black and green. The pattern previously worked well for various lures such as caterpillars and minnows. So, why not a FROG ? Stay tuned for results on the "Giles Analytic FROG" featured below.
Stay tuned for results on the "Giles Analytic FROG."
The FROG # 149 and the signature on the belly of this FROG indicate that it is a Signature Series FROG as well as a custom Original Series FROG, and it is also registered in the database as FROG #1 created of that species.
The FROG above is an "All Visibility Black & GLOW FROG". Even the enlarged toe pads on the DNA Hot Legs will GLOW in the Dark. All white areas will GLOW. The swimming motion looks very exaggerated due to the big toe pads, especially at night. On dark nights this FROG will GLOW brightly, but on the Full Moon, the black areas will be more visible looking up against a bright water surface. This FROG is registered in the Signature Series Database to Uoya International and will be sold to someone in Japan, probably in the city of Osaka where the large Tackle Distributor serves about 300 retail tackle shops.
The FROG above is a "Purple Passion FROG". It was first created for a customer from Louisiana who wanted an "Attractor Pattern" in purple and red. The first few created did not have the DNA Hot Legs with 3D toes and translucent webbing as shown above but they did have a highly detailed set of standard Original Series Legs. This FROG quickly became a favorite, and now they are usually ordered with the Hot Legs and often as a Signature Series FROG.
The FROG above is a "Sugar Candy Tree" FROG which is native only to Outer Imaginationland. It is similar and closely related to a species developed previously and designed for a few long time FROG users and which was known as the Bubble Gum Tree FROG. An example of its precursor appears on my hand with the group photo of Attractor Patterns above.
The FROG above is known as the "Fire & Blood" FROG. The enlarged bright yellow spots & stripes represent the flames and the bright red background contrasting & highlighting them represents the blood. A customer wanted a FROG that would definitely get noticed, and it would definitely get noticed ! This one is wearing the standard high detail painted legs, but a set of DNA Hot Legs would really be wild on this FROG.
Above is a Famous FROG --- "Pinkie" Fudder #1. Pinkie is a Signature Series FROG and famous for a number of reasons. First, she is a cousin of Lilly Fudder and belongs to the Fudder Family of FROGs, signified by the heart on her Tympanic Membrane. Lilly is the Star of my daughter's cartoon series "Ole Swamp Fart & Lilly Fudder". Ole Swampfart has graciously allowed me to use Lilly to also star in some of my best FROG fishing videos on YouTube where she catches some of my biggest Bass. But Pinkie has now struck out on her own, since I gave her to Liz Russell and she now stars in some of Stephen & Liz's best videos about FROG fishing on their YouTube Channel. You can watch Liz & Pinkie Team up to catch a monster bass in their YouTube video at the following web address:
The FROG above is a very special FROG --- and she knows it !
"Queenie" Fudder #1 is Lilly Fudder's rich cousin, signified by the bejeweled appearance of a heart on her Tympanic Membrane. Queenie does not have to fish for a living. In fact, she does not have to do much of anything but look good, sitting on the desk of Saeko, my International Sales Representative. Thanks to Saeko, there are many Signature Series copies of Queenie and many other FROGs and also even more numbers of Clone Series FROGs in the area of Osaka, Japan. Queenie is getting spoiled by Saeko.
The FROG above is "Flame". She is an Original Series "Hawaiin Flame FROG". She is not a Signature Series FROG, but I consider her to be the most beautiful Designer Bass FROG ever made. But she did not start out that way.
She sat on the work bench as a half finished ugly duckling for over a year. Slowly, over time, she was brought to her current beautiful condition as a joint project by myself and my daughter Danielle. We never gave up on her, even though we had no idea what she would become until ----one day she was done. She will never be fished and there will never be another one made. Flame is too beautiful to even be copied. She sits on Saeko's desk, next to Queenie, as part of the "Girl's Club". She is an Original.
These five FROGs are headed down under to Australia to fish for species other than Largemouth. The Dark Green Bull FROG at the top is wearing his "Leg Trainers". Bottom row from left to right is a Red Backed Poison Dart FROG, a Bronze Spotted Leopard, a Jungle Tree FROG, and a Pine Parrens Tree FROG. None of them have the DNA Hot Legs, but all have the standard high detail painted legs.

Now you can also get Micro FROGs in all of the same species as the full size FROGs, and you can also get them with matching Standard High Detail Kicking Legs, DNA Hot Legs, Skitter Legs, or Feather Legs

There is an Upgrade charge of $10.00 fo the price of Micro FROGs when you order DNA Hot Lgs on them. But they have now become extremely durable and surprisingly effective at catching Monster Bass. In some situations, you can catch bigger bass when full size FROGs will not work very well due to extremely spooky situations, such as; very shallow, calm, or clear water. They can also turn hard fished waters into FROG fishing honeyholes.  You can also fish them with 6 lb., 10 lb., and even 20 lb. braid line on spinning rods or you can even use them on a fly rod.

Because Signature Series FROGs, Original Series FROGs, and Replicant Series FROGs are all basically custom FROGs that are made up one at a time for specific individual customers, there is no button to "click to order". Customers must call or email first to order them. It can take up to two weeks to complete them, once ordered, but at times it can take longer when the Work Schedule is full. If the Wait List to get on the Work Schedule is longer than two weeks, you do not need to pay until you are on the Work Schedule.

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