Capt. Ken in 2007 with some of his favorite Bass FROGs that year and one of his biggest Bass on the FROG Lure before the FROGs were being sold to customers.

​​​​​​​In the photo above is one of the earliest designs created back in 1977 for catching Big Bass on a fly rod.

The original Fly Rod FROGs had a big hook on the belly with a wire weedguard on the hook.

The FROG has changed greatly over the years, and it continues to evolve.

The early Fly Rod FROG Lures caught many big bass but they were not very durable.

With much experimentation over time, the issues of durability and improved appearance were solved. Now you can hand them down to your Grandkids !
The image above is from the video production "Ol ' Swampfart & Lilly Fudder" created by Danielle Dice. It depicts a conversation between Ol ' Swampfart and his favorite pet Designer Bass FROG Lure named Lilly Fudder. In the conversation above, he explains to Lily the proposed "hook placement". for catching a big Bass.
The revolutionary new "Lip Hook" System allows for the user to fish the FROG in the same manner as many anglers often rig a live FROG. 
Lily Fudder &" where Hook goes" !
Moved the hook up front to the Lips to fish it like a real FROG is usually rigged.
Lip Hook System allows for much easier hook sets, and the use of lighter tackle than traditionally used for FROG Lure Fishing. Lighter tackle allows for longer casts and greater finesse in much spookier, shallow, clear, calm waters, but it also works fine for heavier tackle also.
Quick Change Hook System allows a change to any hook you would like to use.
This Quick Change Leg System is designed to change the Legs very quick & easily to the various types, styles, colors, & actions.
Kicking action legs in various actions, styles, colors, and markings.
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