Unique NEW !  Offering

The Green Spotted Leopard FROG is the most popular species in all current Series of Designer Bass FROGs™. It has also been the most dependable Big Bass producer for Capt. Ken. The Green Spotted Leopard FROG is the only offering in the Hybrid Series. You can buy them right here right now "without waiting" on the Wait List for "Custom" FROGs. 

This is a new "Series" of Designer Bass FROG™
They will be much more durable even than the 
 *Triple Layer Formula “Amphibia-Skin™” Protective Coating for extreme durability. 
BUT, it will take about 15 - 20 years or more to find out if they will be more durable than the 
Original Series or Replicant Series FROGs.
Just like the Original Series FROGs, each one is unique, hand painted by Capt. Ken, and they come with high detailed hand painted Kicking Legs. They also have a 3D pair of deep dimensional translucent eyes. They come in a "Kit" form with 2 FROGs, 60 weedguards and a Weedguard Attachment Tool™. The big PLUS in this Kit, however, is the FREE
Designer Bass FROG BOX™
The Designer Bass FROG BOX™ in this Kit will keep your FROG Lures, and more importantly, your High Detailed Designer Bass FROG Legs™ in perfect position to protect the action for a proper swimming motion.
Designer Bass FROG™ Lightweight FROG Tackle Boxes
  Kayak & Rainy Day Friendly    
*  Removable Leg Trainer Trays for Clone Series FROGs, also Replicant Series FROGs & Original Series FROGs with High Detailed Standard legs. (Keeps FROGs in perfect position to protect leg action.)
*DNA Hot Legs ~ Leg Trainer compatible
* Light Weight FROG Storage Tackle Box will not weigh down your kayak, even if you carry a crate full
*  Vented- for Heat Dispersion on Hot days
* Water Drain- prevents rust & mold
* Dehumidifying- airflow transfer prevents rust & mold
*Low maintenance after rainy day fishing. Dries automatically.
*Extra storage below the removable Leg Trainer Trays for extra hooks, Skitter Legs etc.
*Length: 7 1/2"
*Width: 4 7/8"
*Height: 1 5/8"
Total includes Priority Shipping, Tracking & Insurance, and 10 % Federal Excise Tax which benefits projects for improving Sport Fishing.
Florida Residents
If you are a Florida resident, payment of Florida State Sales Taxes & any local county sur taxes apply, Your local zip code and County name will be needed to calculate your taxes for the Invoice, before payment & shipping. Order by email for best results :
Shipping is always with the US Post Office
FLAT RATE Boxes with Priority Service, Tracking and Insurance, and it is usually with the Small Box for ($10.40)
You actually cut your shipping charges in half per FROG when you purchase 2 FROGs at one time in this Kit.
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