Special Offer #3
For the first time, you can now order the New TUFF Clone Series FROGs with High Detailed, Hand Painted Legs as a set of two which come in a very unique 
Designer Bass FROG™ Box 

One of the offers is the Light Green Pickerel FROG #1, above, and FROG #3 the Green Bull FROG below.

They both rest in the "Leg Trainer" Trays where they are stabilized in a manner that prevents the Leg position from changing. You will have everything you need to FROG fish for a long time, including extra storage space for the FROG Hooks, 60 Weedguards, and the 2 Weedguard Attachment Tools. 

The FROGs are very stable within their trays and the FROG Box above, and there is plenty of room for accessories.

The FROG's awsome kicking action will be protected by the removable Leg Training Tray.

The rear eyelet snaps into position on the backplate, locking the FROG into position as in the photo above.

The Designer Bass FROG™ Box above will also protect your FROGs from excessive heat in summer and from rain, especially if you are a kayak fisherman because it is vented to allow air to pass through and escape as well as any water that may get into the box. You can just allow the box to air dry when you are done fishing and there is no need to empty or dry out the contents.

Special Offer #4

This Kit of 2 Designer Bass FROG - Clone Series - Brown FROGs includes a Brown Pickerel FROG #2 and a Brown Dark Spotted Bull FROG #4. 

 Brown Pickerel FROG #2 and a Brown Dark Spotted Bull FROG #4. 

 Brown Pickerel FROG #2

Brown Dark Spotted Bull FROG #4

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