Any Model or Species of Designer Bass FROG™ can be a Signature Series Designer Bass FROG™. However, there are certain aspects of quality, durability, and appearance that require much more time and effort to produce the higher standard for this Series of Capt. Ken's Designer Bass FROGs™. All Signature Series FROGs have DNA Hot Legs™ and "articulated belly mottling". They also come with a special set of Leg Trainers to keep them protected against losing that awesome sweeping motion to the Kicking Action Legs. In the 3 FROG Kit below, they come in a very special FROG Box that holds 3 Signature Series FROGs with full size DNA Hot Leg™ Trainers. The Kit also contains at least 150 Elastic Weedguards and 2 Weedguard Attachment Tools. The "Amphibia Skin Finish" is a layered, protective coating that feels great to the bass but protects the FROG's body and paint from damage even from toothy critters. You can pass these along to your Grandkids !

The Signature Series Designer Bass FROG Kit™

This Kit pictured above is available for immediate purchase whenever the LINK below is "active" by clicking on it. It will connect you with PayPal to make the purchase. This Kit contains all three of my favorite FROG species for fooling Big Bass. There is a Green Spotted Leopard, a Brown Spotted Bull FROG, and a Pine Barrens Tree FROG. When folks ask me for my "go to" favorites, these are what I recommend. These are the highest quality Designer Bass FROGs™. If the LINK is inactive when you visit this page, check back often.

BUY NOW for $210.00 + $10.40 for Priority Shipping, Tracking, & Insurance = $220.40 Total

Price also includes a 10 % Federal Excise Tax which benefits projects for improving Sport Fishing.

Florida Residents
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If you want a different model of Signature Series Designer Bass FROG™, you can order one by getting on Capt. Ken's Waiting List for "custom work". The Waiting List has been getting longer every year since we started selling the FROGs 15 years ago, and I like the idea of giving some folks who have been waiting for a long time an unexpected shot at getting something of higher quality "right now" without the long wait time. Of course, anyone can always get the New TUFF Clone Series™ right away --- anytime.
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